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. we have a significant problem upstream. >> this is absolutely a red herring. >> the senior sciencist, beth mcgee said while the dam contributes to the pollution it's not the only source and ignoring maryland's runoff would be a mistake. >> if we did nothing and we just waited for them to quote, fix the dam we would suffer. the local waters would suffer, local water, streams, rivers, maryland is contributing pollution to the bay. >> reporter: both sides agree major storms are responsible for as much as 40% of the sediment flowing in to the bay pennsylvania has started to reduce that loado over the dam and others say the north must be lobbied to follow suit. >> thank you. watermen deal with the debris, don harrison talked to people who work on the bay to find
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out. >> reporter: i'm here at the chesapeake bay bridge. waters that feed into this area and affect it are the severn and other two, a greater effect is north of here, the dam. joe has worked on the bay for more than 20 years. he knows it's not just the water at the upper bethea gets -- bethea gets pushed down. >> any rain fall, flooding, is part of the water that we are dealing with when that dam floods. >> reporter: sediment gets trapped behind the dam and is flushed over when they open the gates. some wonder if there is a better way to handle it. >> just seems like a day of -- at some point in time it would make more sense to try to dispose of it or clean it out behind the dam before they dump
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with the department of natural resources and said they are looking in to better ways to deal with the sediment. he said this release of water should not be as bad as in years past but it does affect the bay fisheries. >> it also has nutrints associated with it. they cause algae blooms, then that uses up the available oxygen. >> reporter: mike works on the bay. he hopes it won't be like years past. >> shut us right down. fish disappear. sit at home doing nothing. >> reporter: the department of natural resource sciencists are testing the water now to find what kind of impact the release of the water will have here on the bay. onto chesapeake bay, i'm don harrison. >> it'll be several weeks before the dnr gets the
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results. >> parents -- we are the city of poles and trees now and no lights. crews have been out trying to restore power and have made great progress but at this hour eight thousand homes are without power. >> and baltimore is lepping a hand to new jersey in the aftermath of sandy. we are sending two ambulances and a total of five emergency responders. the crews showed up before four at public training safety academy on northern parkway to pack up with emergency supplies. they are going to atlantic city new jersey. they expect to spend the next seven to ten days helping victims. >> three hour ride, really hits home. it's how close sandy came to hitting us. charlie took that ride north to show us how lucky we are. >> reporter: charlie with you here. reporting in atlantic city. it took the full force of sandy and we are here to give you the
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idea of how maryland was spared from this monster storm and who better than someone who rode it out here in atlantic city. john is with us here. i'm assuming you and your wife maybe rode it out from a couple floors up. >> of course. kitchen, bedroom, floors,. >> reporter: -- everybody says get out, get out. people can't get in. >> there was a couple things. we have our own generator. we had power. we had the gas companies, always working. everything was working good and he -- there were things that happened during the storm that we were able to resolve because we were here like our sailboat that one of the sails got loose and if we weren't here our boats, our docks and everything would -- they would be out float in the bay. >> reporter: you said this wasn't as bad as you were thinking. >> you know for me. >> reporter: better yet.
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it could have been worse. >> i grew up in the 60s, 1962 we had a hurricane storm in atlantic city. you know, i lived through that. the water came up into the living room and we were three foot up off the ground. everything that you had here we had there. the ocean met the beach and -- the ocean met the bay in the middle of atlantic avenue, same thing. it was just a little deeper this time. >> reporter: continued success cleaning up. you have to do -- i see the wife is washing the car and you will clean out the garage. >> yes we will clean out for a while. >> reporter: there you have it. things could have been worse. if you don't believe me just ask john. he has riden through the storms before. just an idea of what we missed by just a hundred miles, in atlantic city. abc 2news. >> check that even further
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north. it's still impossible to get into new york city. the storm crippled the transportation system people tried to get into manhattan. parts of the subway system reopened this morning but some of the tunnels and stations are still filled with water. cars are only allowed in if they are carrying three or for people. and while some people took the bus to work others just hiked across the brooklyn bridge. took some hours to walk to work. many businesses in new york closed wednesday so today is the first time that they made the trek. >> it's amazing what we missed by 100 miles. now we watch the back received sandy continuing to pull in that chilly northern flow. bringing a few showers to the area and that gloomy look out there to the sky. that will continue to be the case through the evening and into a good part of the day
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tomorrow. there are snow showers, still out of garret with all that snow. by the way a lot of attention on the dam as it'll reach it's highest flood forecast this evening at 18.7 feet. thank goodness that is five feet below the flood stage. higher than normal but not to peak levels. this evening 40s. cloudy, chilly and it'll be cool into daybreak. more on that coming up. we want to remind you our weather app is there for you, 24 hours a day. you can get your weather in your zip code. check it out in the i-tune store or in the google store. >> all right. you can expect traffic delays on cold spring lane. we have a 12-inch water main break and it happened around 6:30 on the bridge just east of the stadium way. the lane is open between helen and hartford but it's closed between stadium way and overland. the water service may be affected because of this break. that is not the only water main break. >> a bigger one is creating problems on york road.
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brian is there with more on the mess. always seams to be a water main break on york road. >> reporter: yeah it happened at about one today. you can seat work going on behind me. about 40 businesses and residents are without water at this hour. the city said this was a 16- inch main that broke this afternoon and they are trying to figure out why. we know weather and change of temperature can cause these things but the city isn't ready to say that just yet. the aging infrastructure and still no word on how this is. either way it served as quite a site for people parked along york road. >> it looked like a monster came out of the ground. something like that. >> did you hear anything previous? >> i think i heard something but i didn't pay no mind because of all the traffic up and down york road. had no idea that -- that was where the noise came from. >> reporter: the city said we
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don't know just yet when they may have this main repaired. meanwhile the city said this break is not in relation to the break jamie just mentioned. reporting live on york road. abc 2news. >> all right. can you hear me for a question? >> reporter: go head. >> all right. listen. on york what's the traffic like behind you? >> reporter: they have it all down to one lane going northbound, southbound is closed. have you to go around it but it's all shifted to one side as people are headed northbound. little bit of a back up but not to bad. >> all right. live tonight on york road. there is a line for gas right now in townsend at the hess station. the first 100 customers are paying $1.84 for gas. now this is a protest going on by americans for prosperity.
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they say the president's policies failing and they want to return gas prices to preobama days. however if you take a look at 2008 the election the summertime the prices were over four dollars a gallon. the price of $1.84 is going on until six. >> getting gas in new jersey is just one of the many problems in the aftermath of sandy. >> we will take you back to jury sir and new york. >> and those tiny miracles born during sandy and how the medical advances have keeping them alive. >> and the difference between an allergy and a cold. find out when we continue right after this.
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. really is hard to forget the images of the nicu babies being evacuated from a hospital
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during hurricane sandy. many of them just fighting for every breath. we tell you about a new approach to caring for them and helping keep them alive. >> reporter: learning to walk is a milestone for any child but for little nicholas these steps nearly a miracle. he was born at just 24 weeks more than three months early. >> he was one pound 11 ounces, 11 inches long. tiny baby. i didn't know they could be that small. >> reporter: a lot of them have been born that small. in the past not many survived. if they did they were sure to face serious health problems. some didn't give them a chance. >> if you view them like that they don't do as well as they could. our approach is that all of them have huge potential. >> reporter: he and his team developed a new set of guide license to care for them.
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guidelines that regulate everything from humidity in their cribs to oxygen levels in their blood. from the way their skin is treated to the nutrients they are given. the doctor said that years ago the survival rate for extreme premies was barely 10%, not anymore. >> the rates seem to be continuing to go up. the latest year was 84%. >> reporter: that's nearly eight times more than just a generation ago. at a recent reunion of these small babies families got to celebrate new milestones and thank the staff who made it possible for them to go home. >> they are on top of their game. they knew the game plan. >> when you have a baby that small you never know what you are going to get. you never know the outcome and we have the best case situation. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> apparently the guidelines have been so successful that other hospitals around the
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country are now hughes them as well. this time of year kids spend a lot of time sniffling and sneezing but you can tell if it's a cold or allergies? there are some differences between the two conditions.
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. after losing weight people tend to revert back to their old habits and gain the weight back. researchers believe learning how to main -- maintain before starting the diet could help you keep it off long term. for more long onto the website, get the latest health information you need to help keep you and your family safe and healthy. >> new charges in the penn state child sex abuse case. former university president charged with several counts for his possible role in the cover up of the scandal. he was forced to resign. the man at the center of the scandal was sentenced to 30 years. this is what we are talking about today on the web. do you think the president
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should have been charged? is there enough evidence that he knew what was going on? log onto facebook and join in on the conversation. >> and now maryland's most accurate forecast. >> all eyes on the mighty river as we see the peak run off we think from all the rain we got from sandy. take a look at the set up here, river looking, brown, chocolately. we expect that. we are going to a near 5 feet below -- we are going to bed 18 to 7 feet. cecil or parker county. on the bay the view from hemingway a great one. debris here, water still dark from all round, naval academy. fairly quiet situation. quiet on the river.
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current conditions in baltimore. the set up is 49 degrees. it's not night yet the camera there is delayed. daylight saving is coming up sunday. don't forget to fall forward of course. sorry, fall back. 49 49 degrees. 62 normal. below average and this will continue. we are in a cooler than average pattern. we will show you why in just a second. that's the set up. how about a few more photographs from sandy? this is that new bridge up to -- up from dewey beach. looks like impassable road. no question they are working on it with bulldozers. out at w isp, you were talking about this. this is what w isp looks like early in the season with a nice
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30-inch base pack. then of course we have what appears to be a new inlet cut so we are talking about that could happen and happened in new jersey too. beach erosion. temperatures in the low 40s to upper 50s. cool winds owl of the west and they will continue to pull in the cool, chilly situation. here is a look at precipitation map. very little. just enough to irritate you. the spritzes of rain. the hit and miss light drizzle. maybe some into early tomorrow and the cold air is just going to keep on funneling in behind that system as we go into the next couple days and into the weekend. no big warm up on tap again, just kind of cloudy, chilly, sandy still well north of us. we will continue to wrap in the lily air. big rotation, actually even as we work into saturday that is not going to change much. we will see the chill around
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and one system passing well to the south won't impact. 37, mostly cloudy. that chilly. below average. 53, sun and clouds, little -- just partly cloudy with the cold breeze. sun comes back but it still looks cool on the northwest flow and then there we go into monday, tuesday, and wednesday, more of that sort of what we call typical weather for late november. right here at the start of it. again, daylight saving time coming up be sure to fall back an hour. >> what -- fall back, yes, i get twisted. >> spring ahead, fall back. >> spring forward, fall back. >> the 4:00 news. let's put it that way. >> about to be. >> you are be log for a job in you know it's hard but now a new website to help make it easier. the mayor launched a website
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feature jobs and training opportunities. it's called train >> searchable database. you can search by the type of training you want if you know you want a certain type of training. if you aren't sure what kind of career there is that, if you need to get your ged it's a map of all the programs in and around the estimate. >> it has a searchable database of nearly 150 free and low cost job training programs in and around baltimore. >> coming up, a man attacked by a shark just days ago is now talking about his experience. how he escaped if he is going to be back in the water. >> and a girl with an emotional break down. what sends her over the edge. my achy feet made it tough to play with billy.
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. two men in custody after a shooting at the university southern california. four people were hurt when shots were fired outside the school's campus center. police say an argument started between two men not associated with the school. one of the victims was criminal cali injury -- critically injured. the other three had life threatening injuries. a california man speaking after being attacked by a shark. >> that's right. the 25 -year-old scott stevens was attacked while surfing. he was likely attacked by a juvenile great white. the shark graped him and pulled him under water. then he started to fight back. >> my eyes under water and punched the shark in in the side of the head. >> a fellow surfer helped him hold the bite together to try
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to minimize the bleeding. . he plans to buy a new board and get back in the water. >> virginia man wanted for throwing pipe bombs at three homes arrested in montana today. police believe that lawrence stuart targeted them because of his previous run ins with the law. he was first arrested back in october for exposing himself. he will face charges of attempted murder. >> sandy hit so many neighborhoods up and down the east coast. how families had to watch from their windows as trees came down around them. >> and state farm is deploying their own team to help sandy victims. how think are helping people recover from the storm. >> and the country's biggest stars are coming out tonight for the 2012cma awards. we are giving you a sneak peek at tonight's show.
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